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Beyond Steel

SF Metalworks is well known for working with almost any type of metal. But did you know we can also do non-metals like wood, stone, rubber, fiberglass, annealed glass and plastics? Check out our portfolio!

Rapid Prototyping

Over the years, SF Metalworks has supported a range of clients from artists, engineering firms, design teams, contractors, scientific and R&D labs with rapid prototyping needs. We can support your prototype process whatever stage you're in. Check out this video on our work with famed fashion designer Iris Van Herpen. 

Fabrication Experts

With a 5-Axis CNC waterjet, certified welders, 44,000 square feet production space and 5 acres of yard storage-- we can handle large projects. Reach out for a quote on your project today!

Safety Products

Railings, Gratings, Covered Ladders-- you name it, we can do it! You can count on SF Metalworks to build perfect products to keep your people safe on the job.

Fast Cut & Fold

SF Metalworks can execute fast cutting & folding services with cutting angles up to 60 degrees. Chamfers, bevels and other complex cuts available. Contact us today for a quick cut & fold quote

Laser Welding

With state-of-the-art equipment we are able to efficiently provide welding services on a large variety of material types including steel, stainless, aluminum, or titanium. All welders AWS certified in a variety of processes.


SF Metalworks offers thoughtful insight early in the design process… As designers, we appreciate their input and depend on their knowledge. They are so critical about their own work that we as a design firm don’t have to bear that burden. Lastly, the quality of the finished product usually exceeds our expectation

We worked with SF Metalworks on this because they’ve delivered for us in the past. They are professional and methodical in their approach and take great pride in their workmanship, which produces a better product. In the end, we achieved what we wanted. And in fact, this product was so successful that now the vendor is asking us to supply him with more of the same!

Andy Reid, Project Manager at Jay Jeffers Design Group

Andy Brooks, owner of Cole Brooks Construction

Our partnership with SFM has been transformative, enabling us to turn our prototypes into market-ready interior systems. SFM has played a pivotal role in our journey not only through the expertise and creative thinking they brought to the table, but also through the fact that their deep values and ethic were in alignment with our company’s mission to deliver performant products for quality and sustainable construction.

Armelle Coutant, Co-Founder & CEO of Kit Switch

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