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Our Services

SF Metalworks is a full service fabrication and manufacturing company with ability to ship finished products around the world. Specializing in Commercial, Structural, Residential, and Ornamental/Decorative design projects, SF Metalworks can execute a project of nearly any size using a range of common and exotic metals. 


Need something in Iconel or Titanium? Have a vision for pieces created in Copper or Brass? Our facility has expansive capacity and our commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for any project!

Capabilities List

Whether you're envisioning iconic architectural structures, interior design elements that redefine spaces, or sustainable solutions aligned with green technology initiatives, our capabilities extend across the spectrum.

SF Metalworks staircase case study image.jpg


CNC Machining

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) 5-axis Waterjet, Lathe, Mill Press Break 12 ft 240 ton,

3-axis router table. 

Flats Capacity: 60 in. wide x

144 in. long x 5" thick.

Fast Quote available! 


Sheet Metal Cutting & Forming

On-Demand Cutting & Bending Services. Flats, angles, pipes, channels, sheet, plate, drilling, shearing, forming, metal tapping. Hand finishing available. 


Design Assist

SF Metalworks has a network of creative designers and engineers on hand to help take your concept from back of the napkin to fully realized 3D product. From the most intricate artistic endeavors to scientific prototyping, we can help you bring your concept to fruition.


Welding & Finishing 

  Expertise in MIG, TIG, Small Stud and Laser welding. Certified Welders. Range of finishes including Powder Coat, Plating, Aluminum Anodize, Patina, Distressing, Graining and more.

Range of Powder Coating and Hand Finishes available for all  categories of metals.  


New Creations & Repairs

Whether you're starting from scratch or repairing something broken, we can help: Columns, Beams, Handrails, Walkways, Balconies, Gates, Window Guards, Hoppers, Bins, Cones, Conveyors, Augers, Buckets, Platforms, Countertops, Wall Partitions, Fireplace Surrounds, Mounting Devices-- ask us how we can help!


Beyond Metal 

SF Metalworks has experience creating unusual designs incorporating materials such as Stone, Wood, Plastic, Fiberglass and more. Check out our video on a unique fashion materials collaboration. Or check out some of our case studies including multi-story fabrications

clad in Stone & Wood.

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