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We're Hiring!

SF Metalworks combines the visions of designers, engineers, architects, and fabricators to elevate metal in elegant displays of craftsmanship.

Please don't hesitate to call or email for more information: (415) 206-9100

  • Competitive Pay 

  • Health/Dental/Vision/Life

  • Housing Opportunity

  • 8 Paid Holidays


Senior Fine 


PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: 5+ years as a metal fabricator in fine metalworking (i.e. architectural, precious metals, etc). Especially strong in layout skills. Mastery in standard machinery: Cold saw, bandsaw, hydraulic shear drill press, belt sander, etc. in addition to an ability to operate or learn to operate a Bridgeport mill, CNC press brake, powered angle roller (80 ton). Analytic thinker and quick problem solver with solid mechanical knowledge. Familiarity with various materials, and the ability to learn required knowledge to properly handle (HR & CR mild steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, zinc, copper, pewter, etc.) Proficiency using a variety of welding / cutting equipment and procedures (Tig and Mig primarily, some jewelry torch work and Plasma Torch). Proficiency using common electrical, manual hand-operated tools. Ability to read and interpret technical documents and drawings including welding symbols. Have a steady hand and consistent attention to detail. Ability to set up components for fabrication according to specifications. Ability to work with team members and take direction from management in order to complete complicated, multi-part assemblies. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Determine relevant production equipment or methods based on project requirements. Operate machinery at production levels with little supervision. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of different kinds of metal alloys and their properties. Test and inspect welded surfaces and structure to discover flaws. Upon completion of assembly ensure product is free of any weld or dimensional defects as well as meets specified finish quality levels. Maintain equipment in good condition in order to ensure productivity while not compromising safety. Creatively solve challenges with team or individually as they arise. Provide quality control, report errors, provide solutions to keep production flowing. Familiarity with metal patination is a plus. 40 hours per week (6:00am–4:30pm, Monday–Thursday). Wage range of $30–38/hr, based on experience. BENEFITS AVAILABLE AFTER 90 DAYS Paid Time Off 8 Paid Holidays Health Care, Dental + Vision coverage Life Insurance coverage Our shop is located in Colusa, CA.

$25-$35/Hour  DOE


KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Manage and supervise the daily activities of the production team. Ensure that production schedules are met and work is completed on time. Implement and enforce safety (OSHA) protocols and procedures. Collaborate with other departments to ensure that materials, equipment, and resources are available to support production schedules. Perform quality control to ensure that all finished products meet company standards. Train, mentor, and coach production staff to improve their skills and productivity. Assist in the development and implementation of new processes, procedures, and systems to improve efficiency and productivity. Enforce accurate record-keeping of production output (including team member timesheet accuracy), inventory levels. Coordinate repair and routine maintenance of production equipment and vehicles (as needed). Support draftspeople/estimators in custom metalwork estimating. Includes the following: Technical detail support needed regarding fabrication methods possible. Providing input or information related to labor hours expected, process planned, materials chosen, etc. Creatively solve challenges with team or individuals. Ordering materials via Purchase Order (as needed). In some cases, requote for current pricing. Interface with suppliers/vendors as needed to fulfill production needs. Organize and prioritize and assign multiple projects simultaneously to meet deadlines. In some cases, coordinate with the accounting team for client invoice processing. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: High school diploma or equivalent required; technical or vocational training in welding, metal fabrication, or related field is preferred. At least 5–7 years of experience in metal fabrication or related field, with 3+ years of experience in a supervisory or leadership role. In-depth knowledge of welding techniques and equipment, architectural metal fabrication techniques, and metalworking tools (including work experience with decorative metals). Proven portfolio of metalwork, woodwork, machining, finishing produced. Proficient in reading and interpreting blueprints and technical drawings. Experience in implementing and enforcing safety protocols and procedures. Strong leadership and communication skills to effectively manage a team and communicate with other departments. Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills. Proficient in Google Sheets, Documents (or similar) and other relevant software programs like DropBox, Slack, Google Calendar, etc. Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. Strong attention to detail and quality control. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with respect for internal and external deadlines. Proven track record in establishing shop process, organization, and team development. Ability to read and understand 2D and 3D technical drawings. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Desire to be proactive and create a positive supportive environment for the company. Must pass a background check and drug test. Must sign an NDA with the company. An interest in permaculture and living in harmony with the planet. PHYSICAL DEMAND & WORK ENVIRONMENT: This position requires standing for up to 10 hours per day. Occasional lifting of up to 35 lbs. WORKING TIME & COMPENSATION: Four day work week (10 hours/day) generally 6:00am–4:30pm, Monday–Thursday. This position requires sitting and standing and working on a computer. Occasional lifting of up to 35 lbs. Hourly compensation is $30–45/hr, based on experience. Relocation compensation is available. This is a general outline of the tasks that the position entails and may include other responsibilities as the need arises or may be modified at any time. BENEFITS AVAILABLE: Paid Time Off 8 Paid Holidays Health Care, Dental + Vision coverage Life Insurance coverage Our shop is located in Colusa California.

$35-$40/Hour  DOE

Metal (Journey-man) Fabricator

$30-$40/Hour  DOE

SF METALWORKS is looking for a few skilled hands for short sprints on various projects throughout the year. This allows us to expand our capacity as needed and gives you some freedom to come play with us and then go back to doing whatever else you like to do : ) In coming to play, your primary objective is to bring projects to fruition working alongside us in our shop, using a combination of our tools and your talents. You will be producing high-end custom architectural metalwork, which includes furniture, counter tops, railings, cabinets, and doors.

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